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J5's Drive Lube

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J5's Drive Lube is a fully synthetic grease that's engineered to provide superior protection against heat, friction, and pressure while also being extremely low drag.  It works well in all driveline parts, especially anything with metal to metal contact.  This is a long time favorite of J5's for thrust bearings in ball diffs, CVD\CVA drives, and outdrives.  J5's Drive Lube has excellent film strength so a little bit goes a long way!     

The picture below shows 2 center dogbones with equal runtime on them in an ebuggy- the flattened pins were on the diff side with no lube, the round pins were greased with J5's Drive Lube, the results speak for themselves! 

*Note: If using J5's drive lube in outdrives, it is recommended to clean and reapply each race day and use sparingly.