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J5D Mach 5ive HV 30mm fan

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Why get a turbo when you can have a Mach 5ive?  Our HV 30mm cooling fan comes with a male JST plug on a 40mm whip from the fan itself and a 165mm extension wire featuring a female JST plug on one end and a male JR plug on the other, making it easy to plug into your receiver, or snip the JR plug off and direct wire it to your ESC/battery terminals.  A must have for all stock classes and any application where lower motor temps are desired!

All fans are individually tested in-house prior to shipping to ensure their performance meets our strict QC standards.

*****IMPORTANT*****  The polarity of the Mach 5ive fans are NOT the same as other fans on the market.  Always use Mach 5ive fans with the included extension harness to avoid a reverse polarity situation that will burn up the motor. 

*** If you plan to wire the fan direct, terminal #1 on the red JST plug is the negative lead.  J5D cannot be held responsible for any reverse polarity failures, so the user assumes all risk in doing so.  

NOTE- The fans now come with all black wire extension harnesses!