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J5D Battery Hold Down for XB2, XT2, and XSC2

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Precision machined from premium matte finish CF, the J5D Battery Hold Down setup offers the benefits of taping your battery in (eliminates the battery strap's influence on chassis flex), but allows easy access to the battery with a simple turn of a nut driver.  Our unique design yields full and infinite adjustability fore/aft, yet also maintains the battery tab in the center position of the pack at all times.  

Includes all hardware for both full-size and slim shorty packs:

2x- M3x22mm BH screws, 2x- M3x16mm BH screws, 4x- M3x10mm BH screws, 2x- M3 nyloc nuts, 2x- 3x1mm shim, 2x- 3x.5mm shim, 4x- 3x3mm shim, 2x M3x12mm threaded standoff, 2x- M3x6mm threaded standoff, 2x- 2mm CF side plates, 2x- 3mm CF retaining tab.


Insert M3x22mm BH screws through the single 3mm holes in the side plates and thread the M3x12mm threaded standoff tight onto the screw. (Note- for slim shorty, substitute the M3x16mm BH screw and M3x6mm threaded standoff)  Position the side plates onto the side rails with (2) 3x3mm shims on each side under the plates, then secure with (2) M3x10mm BH screws on each side.  Place the retaining tabs on the exposed threads of the M3x22mm BH screw, then secure with M3 nyloc nuts.  If needed, you can shim the retaining tab with the supplied 3x1mm and/or 3x.5mm shims as necessary.

NOTE- Car images show working prototypes that may not depict product contents.