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BSI Ultra Cure CA Glue

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J5D has used just about all of the available CA glues out there, but the BSI Ultra Cure stands out from the rest for a few reasons: it's thin enough to slightly run into tire beads, but not so thin that it drips all over and makes a mess.  It also sets quickly, but does give you a few seconds to apply and position the tire first.  As an added bonus for our customers, each bottle of BSI Ultra Cure ships with one of our awesome needle applicator bottles.  These bottle offer precise placement and control of your glue application, and if the tip clogs up its easily cleaned by simply holding a lighter on the tip for a second.  If you're looking for the ultimate tire gluing setup, look no further!

From BSI about Ultra Cure:

Ultra-Cure™ is a very high performance clear cyanoacrylate that has a viscosity (thickness) in-between that of Insta-Cure Super Thin and Insta-Cure+ Gap Filling Medium. It is ideal for the mounting of rubber tires onto R/C car wheels. It is available in our 3/4 oz Pocket CA bottle and comes with one of our new #304 Extender Tips for the Pocket CA pin-in-cap top. ULTRA-CURE™ can be used in many other applications that require a slightly thicker thin CA and will bond virtually everything. It is not foam-safe, however.