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J5D XSC2 Conversion for the XRAY XT2

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The J5D XSC2 Conversion kit takes the 2017 National Championship winning XRAY XT2 and creates a short course truck that's been designed with XRAY quality in mind from start to finish.  The 2.5mm, 7075 chassis is pocketed in similar fashion to the 2018 XB2 for optimized flex and lower center of gravity.  The carbon fiber reenforced nylon side rails brace the chassis perfectly.  And our 7075 RR suspension hanger is machined to perfectly house the rear bumper for a seamless build.  Also included are CF bumper adapters for the front bumper and rear bumper (both for the stand-up and laydown transmissions), along with all necessary hardware to complete the conversion, and a USB drive with the build manual loaded on it.  


A few parts are still necessary to complete the build, which are listed in a picture below.