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J5D Front Sway Bar Kit for XRAY XB2

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Something XB2 owners have been asking about for quite some time is a front sway bar kit, and J5D has the answer!  We've spent months testing this on dirt, clay, and carpet with great results: smoother steering, flatter chassis through corners, and more consistent and predictable vehicle behavior, with faster lap times to boot!


IMPORTANT:  The mount is designed to work with the aluminum front roll center holder.  It WILL NOT work with the stock composite front roll center holder!


Some parts are needed that aren't included: XRAY part #'s 302656 Alu Ball End (threaded), 303454 Composite Ball Joint 4.9mm, 303455 Composite Anti Roll Bar Joint, and (2) 6mm XRAY Ballstuds.



1. Drill two 3mm holes in the back side of the XB2 front arms, 20mm on center from the inner pivot (2nd Picture below)

2. Dremel the pocket just in front of the hole you just drilled for clearance of the sway bar link.  Area to be dremeled in silver, right side of 3rd Picture below.

3. Assemble sway bar link, using the 302656 Alu Ball End in the 303454 Ball Joint, and threading the 6mm ballstud into the top of the 303454 Ball Joint.  Then install into the arm using a supplied m3x8mm BH screw. (4th Picture below)

4. Install arms onto car.

5. Install sway bar into mount using supplied m3x6mm BH screws and m3x3mm grub screws.

6. Install sway bar mount onto the CF sway bar bracket/wing mount using supplied m3x8mm BH screws.

7. Install  CF sway bar bracket/wing mount using supplied m3x14 FH screws and 3mm shims in the two countersunk holes, screwing through the top plate and into the front roll center holder.

8. Install front wing if desired, using the front m3x8mm BH screws.