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7075 Narrow RR Suspension Holder for 2017 and earlier XB2, XT2, and XSC2

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The J5D 7075 Narrow RR Suspension Holder was designed for the J5D XSC2 to utilize the new XRAY narrow pivot geometry for better traction and driving feel, while also allowing the use of the rear bumper on the XSC2.

As shown in the pictures below, the new narrow suspension holder can also be used on XB2 and XT2 models, and when paired with the Kyosho RB6 rear bumper (part # UM725), provides a rear bumper for added protection of the chassis, rear pivot, and trans case.  


To run the 1 down\in position in the suspension holders it is necessary to bevel the outer edges of the chassis for arm clearance.  We find ourselves running the middle or upper positions so this has not been an issue for us thus far.

Also, if running the 1 up/in position, it is necessary to shave the bottom of the trans case for arm clearance- or purchase the updated 2018 trans case which is already relieved in the proper places.

Lastly, the J5D 7075 Narrow RR Suspension Holder will NOT fit the 2018 XB2 as the rear of the chassis has been narrowed and is does not support the hanger correctly due to the cutout for the rear bumper.