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J5D 22 5.0 CF Rear Tower Assembly/CF Front Tower Combo w/ Front Wing Mount

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 IMPORTANT: Please specify in your order notes if you want the +2mm towers.

TLR 22 Fans rejoice!  Our CF rear tower assembly starts off with a black anodized 7075 bulkhead, thoroughly tested with FEA and on-track testing.  We then mount a shock tower precision machined from our beautiful 4mm matte finish CF plate, which matches stock geometry and adds "Tweener" holes for a total of five upper shock mount positions.  

We chose to utilize an AE B6 rear wing mount (part # 91718) (included) for simplicity and lower overall weight.  All hardware is included- (4) m3x8mm BH screws to attach the bulkhead to the trans case, (4) m3x8mm BH screws to attach the tower to the bulkhead, and (4) m3x12mm BH screws to attach the B6 wing mounts to the tower.

With this CF rear tower assembly, you can expect a lower CG, better jumping characteristics, and more consistent handling on today's high traction tracks!