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J5D B6 3rd hole rear arm drilling jig

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Brand new from J5D is a trick little drilling jig to perfectly locate and drill the 3rd hole in the rear arms of the Team Associated B6.  The kit comes with a 2.5mm drill bit, M3x10 set screw, M3x12 BH screw, and a 4mm thick CF drilling template.


To use the jig, install the M3x10 set screw into the inner shock mount hole of the arm, then slide the drilling template onto it with the smaller 2.5mm hole towards the inside- make sure the M3x10 set screw sits flush or below the CF template.  Next, secure the outer hole using the M3x12 BH screw.  Now slowly and carefully drill the 3rd hole using the 2.5mm drill bit.  And just like that, you're ready to hit the track with more rear grip than ever before!