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J5D XB4 Fan Mount with Mach 5ive HV Fan and Mach 5ive CF fan cover

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A combination of three great products, bundled together for maximum value!  This set includes our J5D0050 XB4 Fan Mount, J5D0123 Mach 5ive HV Fan, and the J5D0124 Mach 5ive CF Fan Guard with 3mm through holes.

The J5D0050 Fan Mount has proven to significantly reduce motor temps with its optimized fan placement, and the J5D0123 Mach 5ive HV fan is more than up to the task of blowing maximum CFM to cool motors down.  The J5D0124 Mach 5ive CF Fan Guard provides both good looks and functionality by keeping the fan housing more rigid and minimizing flex, which can lead to premature fan failure.

Set includes hardware to mount the CF fan guard and Mach 5ive Fan to the mount, as well as the necessary hardware to secure the mount itself to the XB4.