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J5D Mach 5ive CF Fan Guard- 3mm through holes

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Specifically profiled for our Mach 5ive motor cooling fans, the Mach 5ive CF fan guard is a perfect blend of function and form!  Designed with maximum airflow in mind, the narrow perimeter frame and center spokes keep air blockage to a minimum, and the "5" is centered on the fan and kept out of the intake air stream.  All four holes are 3mm ID to allow and M3 screw to pass through unrestricted 

The Mach 5ive CF fan guard will bolt on to any 30mm fan, but it's shape is specifically designed for the outer profile of the J5D Mach 5ive fans.

* These guards are intended for use with our J5D0122 Fan Mount for the XRAY XB4, or any other fan mount which has secure mounting holes built into it.